Appointments with Dr. Jacks

Appointments for consultation can be made directly through Dr. Jacks' office, or upon referral from your primary physician. Call during business hours to talk to a member of our friendly staff. We eagerly look forward to working for the restoration of your health.

Helpful Forms

For your convenience, the forms below are available for download. They may be opened and printed from Microsoft Works or Microsoft Word. Once an appointment has been confirmed these forms may be filled out in advance of your visit to help you see Dr. Jacks sooner.

Standard Patient Registration Form - - - Patient Medical History Form

Dr. Jacks' office is located at:

845 Malcolm Boulevard
Rutherford College, NC 28671
Phone: 828-874-0555 • Fax: 828-874-2111
Office Hrs: 9am to 5pm, Monday, Wednesday,
Friday; 8am to 5pm Tuesday and Thursday

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